It will take two weeks to maximum two months. As all of our products are from Asia, we have a high volume sales in Asia already, it will take some time for us to arrange the shipping to non-Asia countries, we kindly ask our customer be patient, you will get your products.

We will provide the tracking code for you.

We will do the tracking for you, if the product is lost, we will ship again.

You can find your order status and history on your account page.


We accept Paypal, Stripe, Bancontact(Europe), VISA and Master Card.

EURO. But you can always pay with your own currency, your account will do the FX rate for you. We are planning to accept other currencies in the future.

Follow us on Instagram, Facebook and pay attention to our website, we offer many discounts to our members from time to time.

As most of our products are low cost, we don’t refund. .

0. You don’t have to worry about the shipping cost, it will always be free. Except for exclusive products.


Due to many spam email, we don’t have an online contact form, if you have any questions, please check the FAQs on the left.

If you can not find your answers on this page, please contact CuteMarkt’s Team visa Facebook Messenger, Instagram and Telegram.

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